What am I doing?

Hello. This is a blog I have started to document my travels throughout the continent of South America, and the years that preceded it. What I was doing before, why I came here, the factors that drove me to this location and the journey itself. I am travelling for at least six months… perhaps more? Back home in Sydney, Australia, after completely losing touch with my life and any purpose of my existence on this strange planet, I quit my job, mostly deferred my studies in Architecture, said goodbye to everyone I knew and loved, everything I was comfortable with, used to, and to all the things I hated. I hit the road with a backpack and little plans and have been away just over six weeks at present.

Over time I will update this site with my experiences passed, and those ahead of me. I don’t normally blog, in fact this is my first blog. I´m typically quite private. I prefer to write, however this enables people back home to stay in touch with me and remain up to date on my location and experiences in South America.

More soon. Much more!