Perpetual solace

For some people, a prolonged period of being in a city, from it’s frantic centre to the quietly homogenised outer suburbs will ultimately lead to a disconnection from nature and in turn create a fading sense of self. You are your job, then you are your family, you are also your friends, you are your colleagues and your lunch, your university, your gym, your outings at bars and museums and cafes and whatever else. How many people are you? When, if ever, are you yourself?

…but how often are you the sun? How often are you the stars, the planets, the moon? Have you wandered alone in a forest of thousand year old giant trees, standing apparently motionless as ever, having watched conquests won and lost, man rise and fall. Does your lifestyle allow you time to stop and feel the wind on your arms, to stare at the goose pimples on your skin and the shiver at chilling sensation of the elements? Can you lie on grass and stare at the sky, to gaze at the never ending story that is the clouds, their endless movement across vast skies an abstract art story of colour and form. Have you sat and stared out to the great seas as a costal storm unfolds; ceaseless energy in the form of lightening, thunder and rain. Nature constantly marvels all around us, though the only ones who know this secret are the ones who stop and take notice. Feel her, in all her forms, and let her energy flow through your veins. This is the energy of life. Of eternity.

How many times can you say you have gone weeks without hearing the rolling hum of an airplane’s jet engine? Or the collective din of car motors along a city street? Have you ever been free of your digital devices, those ever present screens and the orgy of cataclysmic mass-information that we seemingly value so much? Have you not looked in a mirror for over a week because there were none to look into? Have you enjoyed a place for the fact that there is no electricity and that the sun and the moon are your guides by day and night?

To be connected to nature is to form a relationship free of complexity. To realign your soul with the greater consciousness and the universe in which you were born from. In nature, there is no jealousy, no lies, no hatred or malice. Nature is pure, and by acknowledging this, by being aware of this, one may purify him or herself. Do not neglect your money, your job, the city, your life; these are signs of a long and great endeavour of human achievement. Instead, find balance. Find nature. Love her, exist with her, Live full.

Nature is the great mediator in life. A quest to know and be at peace with nature is a lifelong journey to understand yourself, a journey we all share and a journey already billions of years old, reaching its pinnacle at the miraculous moment where the most complex arrangement of atoms is formed and a human being is born.

Some feel an imbalance in their lives and choose to address these unusual feelings of uncertainty and displacement. Another person may live their entire life unaware and die in the same fashion. Others may simply spend their lives attempting to survive and never find any time to time to ask such questions.

Who are you really?